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Club Point Score Competition Details & Rules

Club trophies are on offer each year in-line with our membership cycle (1st July – 30th June) and are open for financial members and registered club vessels that meet all club joining requirements (see club rules for full details).

Each new season trophies open from 1st July through till 30th June, during this period members can compete for a range of trophies in different Tag and Capture Divisions. Point scoring for both divisions will be based on the New South Wales Game Fishing Association scoring tables in force at the time of the competition.

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Point Score Coordinator Information

  1. All properly completed, approved point score/ non-point score Tag and Capture certificates are required to be sent to the Club secretary NO LATER THAN 14 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF CAPTURE.
  2. After this time points will be null and void
  3. It is the skipper/ angler’s responsibility to make sure all the paperwork has been executed correctly; incorrect forms will be rejected by the committee.
  4. Paperwork can be handed directly to the secretary or sent via SMS or email only

PHGFC Secretary/ Point Scorer
Daniel Bryant
0438 313 018