Memberships run from 1st July – 30th June annually, once your application has been reviewed and accepted by the committee, you are financial and will be given access to a range of club benefits and features throughout the year including;

  • Members meetings with guest speakers
  • Members functions
  • Award functions and trophies
  • Christmas party
  • Communications

It is recommended members renew each year as close to 1ST July to ensure they continue to receive and are eligible for club benefits and features as well as early season point score points/ trophies. Applications can be applied via our online portal here.

Membership Prices

Senior Male


Senior Female


Junior (under 16)


Small Fry (under 11)


Please Note: All membership applications are reviewed by the PHGFC Committee, each application request is at the discretion of the committee and their decision is final.


New Boat Registration

  • Club vessels are required to meet the minimum length of five (5) metres as per club rules.
  • New vessels are also required to fill out the vessel registration form and send this to the Club Secretary, so it can be added to the point score roster
  • It is the skippers responsibility to ensure the vessel is seaworthy and has all of the correct and up to date safety items as per the NSW Marine Requirements
  • Once the Club Secretary has received your vessel details you will receive a new vessel pack that includes:
  • Club flag
  • Tag/capture book
  • Tags
  • Sked map
  • GFAA rule book