Trophy List

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  1. Honorary members are not eligible to win any PHGFC Trophies – However, points earned by an Honorary member are counted in the Boat’s point tally, and the Honorary member will be issued with a Certificate stating their tally of Captures and Tag & Releases for the season.
  2. Male anglers are not eligible to win Lady or Junior trophies
  3. Lady anglers are not eligible to win Male or Junior trophies
  4. Junior’s are not eligible to win Adult angler trophies
  5. The Secretary’s trophy is to be awarded to the highest scoring Lady angler who has not won any of the following: –
    • (a) Champion Angler – Geoff Kelly or Bounty Hunter
    • (b) Runner-Up Angler – Tenacious or Spectrum
  6. The Junior’s points include the tally of “Junior Only Species”. However, note that the junior only species points DO NOT get included in the boat pointscores.