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It is with regret that we record the passing of Life Member David M. Vader on September 5, 2015 aged 85 years.

David who lived at Oyster Bay for many years joined PHGFC in 1966 crewing aboard the later President Bob Lazzarini’s “Contessa”. A lively and vigorous man, David was appointed Secretary of the Club shortly thereafter and remained in the position until 1974. In that year he was elected President, serving until 1976. He leapt back into the Secretary’s seat for the period 1977-8 and in 1980 David was elected President for his second stint at the top office. He was Preso until 1983 and to keep himself off the streets took up the position as Treasurer for 1983-4. In addition, David was particularly active in the Royal Motor Yacht Club serving as a Flag Officer on a number of occasions.

Whilst all this was going on, David did not neglect his fishing, crewing on the highly successful boats “Contessa”, Frank Lipanovich’s various Ädriatics” and Paul Caughlan’s “Kanahoee’s” . On the latter vessel David nabbed a World and Australian record hammerhead shark of 170 kg on 10 kg line in 1978.
David’s record of service to Port Hacking Game Fishing Club is unequalled and in 1982 the members expressed their gratitude by electing him to Honorary Life Membership.

David ‘s health went into decline in recent times and he was a resident of an aged- care facility for some years before his passing in early September. His funeral was a private family service.

David Vader will be remembered as an energetic and enthusiastic person who took a lively interest in all sorts of things, particularly mechanical and electrical, and his training as a medical technician had equipped him to approach things with logic, albeit after much chatting and debating with others on how to best get the task in hand completed. We have many memories of these sessions with David, mostly happy and hilarious ones ! He will be missed by his family and by his friends from PHGFC, both active and retired.

John McIntyre.
September 22, 2015.