Dear fellow anglers,

What if all estimated 100 million recreational fishermen around the world could act as one; to mobilize instantly and simultaneously on a given issue? In the natural world this is just how a school of thousands of bait fish or a flock of birds moves as one to create an advantage for the group through clear communication and coordinated action.

The International Game Fish Association has launched a new initiative which similarly aims to mobilize recreational anglers across the globe. Through our new free iMembership, we have created a global angler registry where information can be exchanged instantly and subsets of the greater world recreational fishing community be organized and mobilized. In addition to providing a mechanism by which the entire community or subsets can be called to action on a particular issue, this type of network could also be used proactively to collect valuable data on ourselves to be utilized in fishery management forums.

In addition to being a part of the global angling community, iMembers will receive the benefits of access to new content and services on the IGFA website Benefits of joining include:

 Access to All-Tackle world records and All-Tackle record details (including actual photographs of world record fish)

 Online access to full length feature instructional videos

 The IGFA Enewsletter

 The ability to find and communicate with IGFA Captains, Weigh Stations and Representatives anywhere in the world via the IGFA interactive map, and other services.

Together, through the IGFA iMembership, recreational anglers can and will be more influential and coordinated than we currently are. We all have much in common and the issues we face are great. By mobilizing we can influence fisheries managers and protect our resource far more effectively. Ultimately, our strength lies in numbers and I would ask you to encourage the members of your Clubs join this new initiative. For more information or to join go to;

Good fishing,

Rob Kramer